The deal about opal seal

Ever had trouble cleaning around your braces? You’re not alone! In fact, ​people with braces naturally have more bacteria on their teeth than people without braces. This has always been a great frustration even after practicing proper oral hygiene and attending regular cleanings. Luckily, in our effort to continue to minimize decalcification (a.k.a. those ugly white spots on your teeth) during treatment, we have started using Opal Seal!

Opal Seal is a sealant-primer that acts as a “seal,” or barrier between your enamel and plaque by completely covering the surface of your teeth. It releases a low dose of fluoride throughout the entire course of orthodontic treatment. Fluoride is essential for preserving healthy enamel, which is why it’s in many water sources and almost all toothpaste.

Additionally, Opal Seal is not painful and virtually invisible. Only Dr. Jay and the Oltjen staff can detect it by the use of a special UV black light, so your secret is safe with us! This special primer lasts for months and can be reapplied throughout the course of treatment, if necessary. Opal Seal is not just for kids. It can benefit anyone with braces—from pre-teens to adults. And of course, brushing and flossing is still highly encouraged with the use of Opal Seal. It cannot protect the teeth alone, but combined with proper oral hygiene, it will help your smile stay pearly white and healthy!

INFORMATION FOR YOUR DENTIST! Because Opal Seal is relatively new, some dentists and hygienists are not yet aware of it. If you go in for a dental cleaning, they may not know what it is and try to scrape it off.

You can help us—and your smile—by telling them it’s Opal Seal! Let them know why it’s there and that it should not be removed. If they ask, tell them they can simply clean and floss around it.”

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