About us


Our principles ensure every patient receives an exceptional experience with superior results.

This is the heart of who we are as a practice and what you should expect from us on every visit.

The heart of Oltjen Orthodontics

  • A strong team

    We have a strong belief in the importance of our team members, their ideas, and their ability to take ownership and make a difference.

  • Committed to improvement

    We are committed to continuous and constant improvement through individual professional growth.

  • Positive attitudes

    We consistently exude a positive, can-do attitude toward our fellow teammates patients.

  • Passion for patients

    We have a passionate focus on the patient, first and always.

  • Strong communication

    We believe in communicating ideas and strategies for improvement.

  • Reaching our goals

    We attain our goals through persistence, determination, and perseverance.

  • Perfecting excellence

    We seek perfection in order to achieve excellence.

Six areas of excellence

  1. 1

    Our office. Our team. Your experience.

    The entire team at Oltjen Orthodontics understands the importance of your orthodontic care. On-time appointments, flexible hours and fee arrangements, no fee consultations (X-rays and records included) and a friendly, committed team help to create an environment our patients love.

  2. 2

    Complimentary early childhood screenings.

    Although seven is the recommended age to be seen by an orthodontist, very few children need treatment that young. Early observation allows monitoring a child’s growth out of baby teeth to avoid problems and shorten treatment times for a simplified and less costly treatment process.

  3. 3

    Advanced adult treatments.

    Oltjen Orthodontics offers more adult braces options than ever before, including Invisalign® and 3M Clarity clear aligners and advanced self-ligating clear bracket braces in the Kansas City area.

  4. 4

    Flexible financial arrangements.

    Oltjen Orthodontics finds a solution to fit the financial situation of every patient and family. Options may include no-interest monthly payments, third-party financing and the assignment of insurance benefits.

  5. 5

    Advanced treatments and products.

    We’re dedicated to providing exceptional smile results and an A+ experience. Oltjen Orthodontics invests in high-quality orthodontic products and treatments in an effort to shorten treatment length and reduce appointment times for each of our patients. Our passion is focusing on our patients first and always!

  6. 6

    Commitment to research

    Dr. Oltjen is dedicated to staying informed about all treatments available and forthcoming. He participates in product development as a clinical advisor to 3M, a market leader in orthodontic products. With his vast knowledge of the options, he works with each patient to determine the optimal treatment.