I’m so excited to talk about our new videos. We had a few goals that we wanted to achieve with new videos. Some of those were simple, such as: “How can we show off our patients A+ results and experience?” and What is it like as a patient to be treated at our office?” There’s very little staged about these videos – these are real patients that we are interacting with. What you are seeing is honest and accurate to the best of our ability.

Our videos highlight what we truly believe at Oltjen Orthodontics. We believe in providing our patients exceptional smiles and A+ results.

Of course, the videos are spread throughout the website, so it’s likely that you haven’t seen them all. We thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and do a few blog posts showing them off. And now they are all in one place for you to see.

So here are the first half of videos! Stay tuned for the rest of the videos in a few days!


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