Yoga1-1016x1024  - Braces and Invisalign in Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, and Paola, Kansas - Oltjen OrthodonticsIf you’ve been to an appointment at Oltjen Orthodontics around 4 o’clock in the afternoon, you know how cray-cray it can be at that time! We were intrigued by the health benefits associated with yoga and wanted to learn more. Yoga does more than increase flexibility and reduce stress. The benefits can help you at work or home. And please, don’t we all need a little more time for relaxation in our lives? Read on…

  1. Boost Immunity. Yoga practice results have been proven to boost immunity at a cellular level. Also, the impact of yoga on overall health by breathing, moving and circulating better and improving organ function, keeps us healthier!
  2. Ease Migraines. Research shows that migraine sufferers have fewer and less painful migraines after just a few short months of yoga practice. Hunching over all day (like over a dental chair) can cause tightening of the neck. This muscle imbalance can contribute to headaches and migraines. Yoga corrects the mental stressors and physical misalignment that create such issues.
  3. Sleep Better. Just 8 weeks of daily yoga significantly improved sleep quality for people with insomnia. This can be attributed to yoga’s ability to help people deal with stress. Training yourself to breath better and slow down the mind, can greatly improve your ability to sleep.
  4. Fight Food Cravings. Wait, seriously? Regular yoga practice is associated with mindful eating and better awareness of emotional sensations that can lead to over-eating. The awareness can help you tune into emotions involved with food cravings and to slow down the mind and make better food choices.