They can’t get past the laser defenses!

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We love our patients, and we love to have fun! So, of course, we had a big time on Halloween for us and our patients. We’re so thrilled that our Halloween day in the office was such a big hit! We showed up as cat burglars. Literally. Feline thieves. As you can see from the photos, we totally nailed it. You might even say our costumes were purr-fect.

And so were the patients who came in wearing costumes. So cute!

We weren’t actually stealing anything as burglars, though. We were giving stuff away! We had some pretty awesome loot to share with our patients. We had bags of loot that patients took with them at the end of their appointment, and inside the bags were prizes ranging from chocolate gold coins to a number of different gift cards to fun places around town. We also gave away some great big gift baskets stuffed with Halloween goodies to the winners of our “Guess How Many” contest! The winners guessed correctly how many spiders were in the jar — it was a blast!  

Take a look at some of the pictures we got to take with our patients! They put smiles on our faces every single day, and it was so much fun sharing this Halloween with them!

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