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We are dedicated to providing an A+ experience.

Because of this core commitment, we are taking carefully-planned measures to reopen our office while keeping our patients, their families, our team, and our community as safe as possible. That’s our commitment to you.

We reopened on May 4th, but it has not been business as usual.

Prior to nationwide coronavirus concerns, we were already leading the way in cleanliness and protection from infectious diseases. Today, we are taking even more steps to ensure that every person that comes to our office sees firsthand our fierce commitment to creating a safe environment. We are confident that the safety measures we have put in place will keep our patients and team safe.

What safety measures have we put in place?

  1. Expanded Personal Protective Equipment
  2. New air management & decontamination system
  3. Wellness screening of all patients and team members
  4. Social distancing guidelines

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By focusing on protecting our patients, we can honor our commitment to both your smile and your health. We are confident you’ll feel at ease when you see the personal protective equipment our team members wear, the new air management and decontamination systems, and the social distancing guidelines we’ve put in place.  

What does a wellness screening look like?

Wellness screenings will help us assess and reduce risks for our patients and our team.  Our new screenings occur in two phases. The first phase is an online pre-screening prior to your appointment. This is an easy-to-answer survey covering all potentially high-risk categories, such as recent travel, common symptoms of the coronavirus, exposure to confirmed cases of COVID-19, and things like that. We will bring a patient into the office once they have checked in through the wellness survey. The second phase of wellness screening is to take the temperatures of anyone who enters the office. 

Air Management, Social Distancing, & PPE

Covid-19 has been shown to travel through tiny water droplets which we all exhale every time we breathe, cough, or sneeze. That’s why we’re asking all patients to wear masks — except for the time you are sitting in the chair. For your protection and theirs, we provide all clinical staff with N95 masks, protective eyewear, face shields, and protective jackets. We also use HALO UV filters to decontaminate the air and destroy the virus should it somehow get in.

The research has shown that social distancing saves lives. So we will also be directing patients and staff to observe social distancing directives we’ve received from the CDC.

Sanitizing Surfaces for Your Protection

Finally, we are protecting the physical space we operate in through additional cleaning and sanitization of surfaces around the office at regular intervals throughout the day, as well as a thorough cleaning each night. 

These are strange times to live in, but we do feel confident that these health-focused initiatives will keep our patients safe at every visit. This is how we are working, during the Covid-19 crisis, to provide you with exceptional smiles and an A+ experience.

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