Have you ever wondered what makes the Oltjen team so amazing?

It’s easy for us to explain it. We absolutely LOVE being together, and last Thursday was no exception. After our work hours, we decided to spend the evening together for a hilarious team-building event. Our significant others showed up along with us, and we began the night at Blade and Timber before heading to Gordon Biersch for dinner. The food was terrific, but the ax throwing we had beforehand topped that!

First, we had a quick tutorial on how to even throw an ax (because that skill isn’t one we use that often in the office – in case you were wondering). To be clear, some of us were “ax-challenged,” but we did it! We broke into four teams and threw axes ’till our heart’s content. Everybody had a blast regardless of their skill level, and it was hilarious to see just how often the ax did NOT hit the target! In the end, everybody had fun at least trying, and as always, we simply enjoyed being together.

At the end of the evening, we even had a champion! Congrats to Shellie. She was amazing! Now we know who to ask when we need to hit a bullseye. ?

Here’s to being part of such a wonderful team!!


jennifer-ax-throwing jennifer-ax-throwing

dr-ax-throwing dr-ax-throwing


scores-ax-throwing scores-ax-throwing

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