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Things Are Different, And That’s Okay

As a locally owned business, we are deeply connected to our friends and neighbors near our Olathe and Overland Park offices and our marketing efforts have always been closely tied to supporting our local community. That’s because, while we want everyone to know about our practice, we also want to do as much good in this community as we can. We think being seen supporting our community will tell you what you need to know about who we are — more than any billboard on the side of the road ever could.

So, any other year, you would see us sponsoring sports teams, donating to kids’ clubs, joining in on school fundraisers, and partnering up with local organizations in our area. But a lot of those super fun events aren’t happening this year because of Covid-19. So when we look around to see where we should be marketing, we’re asking one big question first: How can we help? That’s when we realized that teachers in our area schools really need our support. Here’s what we’re doing to help!

Navigating Our Needs Together, As A Community

Pandemic or no, we’re as determined as ever to find a way to support our local schools so when we saw a Facebook group designed to help our Blue Valley teachers buy much-needed supplies for the coming year we jumped at the chance to help. The group shared a spreadsheet with a list of teachers and a link to an Amazon list that contained all of the supplies they needed for the year. We wish we could have helped every teacher on the list, but since that wasn’t possible, we chose the elementary school next to our Overland Park office, went down each row, and bought one item for every teacher on the list. This was a simple and direct way to help the teachers that work so hard day in and day out, but it’s more than a donation. It’s an investment in one of the most important pillars of our local community.

Recognizing Some of the Greatest Teachers in the Kansas City Area

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Plus – you know we’re always doing something fun on social media! There were so many amazing entries it was hard to choose a winner for our “GREATEST TEACHER” contest. But we’re incredibly proud to recognize Lindsay Morillo is the winner of our $250 Amazon Gift Card!! Nominated by Michelle Eastwood, Lindsay is a Fifth-grade teacher at Parker Elementary School. “Her commitment to the kids she teaches is truly an inspiration!” Congratulations Lindsay, and thank you for all that you do for the kids you teach!!!

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