It’s REMOVAL DAY folks!

Removal Day is, quite honestly, one of our favorite events that we get to participate in at Oltjen Orthodontics. It’s the day where we get to celebrate our patients getting their braces off (hence… “removal” day). We get to set up a candy and snack “buffet” and let everyone fill a bag with all of the treats they weren’t allowed to eat while they had braces on (FYI – we KNOW if you’re cheating. You’re not fooling anyone).

I don’t know about you, but all I heard was CANDY BUFFET!   We love Removal Day so much that we wear tutus  (because it’s easier to hide candy in a tutu…duh!) and just about anything crazy we can find and make a huge celebration out of it!


Maybe it’s the removals, or maybe it’s all the sugar…but you’ve never seen so many smiles in one place!

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