Sometimes when you meet incredible people, you just have to share their story. That’s how we felt about meeting this awesome 10-year-old girl in our community — Maren. Maren is starting her orthodontic journey here at Oltjen, and we are just so proud of her. 

Maren has been training in Taekwondo since she was 5. She is currently a recommended black belt. She has two more tests to pass and then she will be a first-degree black belt! We have NO DOUBT that she will pass those tests with flying colors. Maren has been doing tournaments since the beginning, and she just finished her first season in the competitive division. She recently won a third-place medal in Forms against 14 other girls at the ATA Worlds Tournament in Little Rock. She has set a big goal for herself and plans to win a State Championship in AT LEAST 1 of the 4 events that she competes in this season. 

Best of luck, Maren! We know you can do anything you set your mind to! We can’t wait to hear all about you becoming a first-degree black belt and about how you do at your tournaments at your visits!

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