What happens when your team is laser-focused on providing exceptional experience and superior results?


They have a LOT of fun together, too!

You may know this already, but at Oltjen Orthodontics, we are very serious about what we do. We work hard to make a friendly and inviting office environment for our patients. We doggedly pursue excellence in our treatments and in the care of our patients. Fortunately for us, we also have a fantastic staff who get along really well, who work well as a team, and who enjoy each other.

Pinot’s Palette 2019

Occasionally, we try to spend some time outside the office doing some team-building activities to increase our joy, blow off some steam, and remember why we do what we do together. This time around, we went to Pinot’s Palette! This was a fun night out where we each painted one of the different projects they had for us, with a glass of wine for inspiration. It’s fun and funny!

Doing projects like this together reminds us how much we enjoy each other and how well we work together. Why does this matter? Because it allows us to refocus on the really important part of our work: taking care of our patients as a team. When the team is good and we’re smiling and serving one another, our patients are the ones who benefit. That’s what we’re striving for every single day, and these team building exercises help us do just that.


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