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Ever wondered if your child needed orthodontic care… but haven’t had time for a consult?

As parents, we all get it! Life with kids can be CRAZY!


That’s why we’re so proud to offer free, no-obligation basic orthodontic consults, for your kids, directly from your phone! You can submit the consult from anywhere and it only takes 5 minutes to fill out the virtual consult and have Dr. Oltjen review your kids case! When you submit a virtual consult, we simply review your case and send back a basic, personalized report of what we saw.

Oltjen Orthodontics will review what we see, tell you what issues could be present, talk about your treatment options, and even give you an idea of what your child’s next steps are.

If you’re curious about orthodontic care for your kids, this is a great way to have our office see your case for free as you decide what is best for you! There’s no obligation!

Do Virtual Consults replace having to eventually see an orthodontist? 

If you know your child needs orthodontic care, you’re eventually going to need to see us in person! However, Virtual Consults do allow our doctors to personally give you an idea of what issues you might have and what treatment would look like!

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