You may have noticed that we do a TON of continuing education at our office!

Over the years Oltjen Orthodontics has taken a lot of trips to orthodontic conferences, local “study clubs”, and regional orthodontic-related events.

You might be asking yourself, “Why?! Don’t you already know how to straighten teeth!?” While we can assure you that we are REEEAAALLLY good at orthodontics,  the purpose of continuing education for dentists and orthodontists is always to be broadening our knowledge and staying up to date on all the awesome technology that makes your experience at Oltjen Orthodontics even better. There’s always new techniques, procedures, and technology that we want to stay on top of to make sure we are providing the best possible orthodontic care we can.

With that in mind, we recently hosted a continuing education session for dentists in our area. Around sixty dental professionals got together to eat pizza and gain two hours of continuing education credit.

The topic was, “A Modern Approach to Preventing White Spot Lesions.” I know it may not sound exciting to many of you, but this is the kind of stuff we not only care about but we get excited about! White spot lesions are the decalcification of enamel around fixed orthodontic appliances. It’s one of the challenges faced during orthodontic or dental treatment, and this continuing education session focused on new approaches to prevent these from occurring.

Opportunities like this allow us to give you even better care — and not just for our office, but for the larger local dental community as well.

It’s our goal to keep improving!

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