Guess what today is?.

No, come on people. I mean, yes, technically it is the start of the second round of the NCAA tournament, but that’s not what we’re looking for! If we have March Madness, it’s because it’s our Whitney’s birthday!

Whitney is the youngest of three girls raised by a superhero of a mother (is it me or is this starting to sound like the plot of Little Women?) If we could go back in time with her to see what growing up in Texas with two older sisters looked like, we’d see what makes the Lone Star State so great!

So, Whitney, we want you to take a load off and make sure that Sam takes you somewhere nice for dinner. We’re glad you were born and that we get to work alongside such a great and hard-working person.

Happy Birthday!! 

Whitney-7 IMG_7893



IMG_6826 IMG_6858-e1553011137179


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