Today is Tiffanie’s Birthday!

We’re giving her a HUGE BIRTHDAY SHOUT-OUT because we want everyone to know what an AMAZING clinical assistant she is!  We’re not sure what we would do without her here.


Tiffanie loves her work and thinks that getting to know our patients is the best part of her job. That’s why we thought you would want to know more about her, as well!

Most of you already know she has two kiddos and a dog named Bentley, but maybe not all of you know that she has a hidden talent as a dancer! She’s trained in tap, ballet, jazz, and pointe (Pointe is that thing where really talented dancers can dance on their tippy toes… it’s hard!). Not only does Tiffanie dance as her art, but she also loves sports and really enjoys watching her son play soccer. Tiffanie isn’t a television watcher, but she knows good character when she sees it and sees her mom as her inspiration. If you were to take her back to the 90s, Tiffanie would be watching 90210 and crushing on Kirk Cameron!

We’re so glad Tiffanie has fast-forwarded into 2018 with us at Oltjen Orthodontics! Happy Birthday, Tiffanie, and here’s to many more years!




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