Today is a GREAT day because it’s Nickco’s BIRTHDAY! If you know Nickco, then you know that she’s one of the best people that exists. She’s our Clinical Manager, and we don’t know what we’d do without her. It’s not just the fact that she has amazing, secret skills (like playing the trombone, baritone, and the tuba!!!), but Nickco has so many talents that everyone can clearly see.

Nickco’s greatest talent is her love for people,  and yes, she’s a newly-wed and totally in love that way, but also, she’s someone who really cares for all people. She loves to watch people connect, especially through sports like football and basketball. Maybe this love of connection is why she also loves herself a good Lifetime movie as well as any sort of documentary. Nickco loves everyday, ordinary people and to see people overcome obstacles with their faith. She’s a believer in the miraculous, and you know that when you’re around her.

Nickco’s favorite thing about working here at Oltjen Orthodontics is, obviously, the patients. She gets to see family’s lives changed right before her eyes EVERY DAY and can’t think of anything better than that!


Happy Birthday, Nickco! We hope it’s your best year yet!

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