Everybody put on Benny and the Jets…

…because it’s Leslie’s Birthday, and she deserves to hear all her favorite Elton John songs today!

Leslie is the Inventory Manager here, and we’re not sure what we would do without her. We bet her husband feels the same, as they were Junior High sweethearts and have been married for 43 years!! Seriously… Forty.Three.Years… that’s very impressive! We should all take notes, right?

Leslie is a lover of life, and beyond keeping inventory in our office, she shows us all how to keep a right inventory of life. She shows us how to slow down and loves being with her family. Thanksgiving is her all-time favorite holiday, and her favorite sport is soccer because that’s the sport one of her grandchildren plays.

We so enjoy having Leslie here at Oltjen Orthodontics and love that we get to celebrate her today. Happy Birthday, Leslie!



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