We have some very important news: nothing but HAPPY THOUGHTS and FUN are allowed today.

Why do you ask? Well, because today is Jennifer’s birthday!  Jennifer is our newest team member, but we already know she’s worthy of a party. Jennifer is our Front Desk Coordinator, and since she’ll be coordinating this office, we wanted to coordinate a way for you to get to know her, too!

First things first: Jennifer loves fun, and she loves being happy. She literally *IS* fun and happy! She loves working at Oltjen Orthodontics, and we love the kindness that surrounds her. Jennifer always wanted to grow up to be a mom, which is exactly what she did. She has three kiddos and a boxer named Floyd. One time she had a devil cat named Gizmo, and if you ever watched Gremlins in the 80s, then you know Gizmo was an appropriate name. We’re suggesting she names her next pet “Alf,” just so we can see what happens. : ??

But most of all, we’re suggesting that Jennifer has the best day ever. Happy Birthday, Jennifer! We’re so glad you’re working with us.




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