Happy Birthday, Ashle!


Today is Ashle’s birthday, and as our amazing Lead Treatment Coordinator, we wanted to celebrate her special day by making a dream birthday wish-list for anyone out there wondering what they should get her!


#1. The Brady Bunch.

Ashle is so gifted at making everyone feel like family that our first wish is that she would get that Brady Bunch family she always wanted by feeling at home in our office! Hold on a second. We’re pretty sure this has actually happened. Scratch that. Rather than getting new brothers and sisters this year, we’re actually wishing she could have a housekeeper named Alice.

#2. An awesome meal at J. Alexanders.

Ashle loves to know what she’s going to get, and J. Alexanders never disappoints. We hope Ashle gets a perfectly cooked filet mignon and a beautiful slice of chocolate cake!

#3 A snake-free and Game-of-Thrones Free life.

There are a few things in things in this world that Ashle doesn’t love (snakes and Game of Thrones, to name a couple). We hope she gets none of the things she doesn’t love for her birthday!

#4. Michael Jackson.

Ashle LOVES Michael Jackson, so if we were throwing her a party, it would be a Michael Jackson Karaoke night! Here’s hoping Ashle gets to dance to Thriller before the day is over.

#5. Bora Bora.

Ashle’s ideal vacation is a trip to the turquoise lagoon! So the final item on our wishlist for Ashle is that she might find herself on the shores of Bora Bora with an endless supply of island drinks topped with tiny umbrellas — if only in her dreams!

Help us wish Ashle the best, most tropical, Thriller Birthday today because she deserves it! Happy Birthday, Ashle!




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