OO-Blog-Article-Baby-Teeth  - Braces and Invisalign in Kansas City, Overland Park, Olathe, and Paola, Kansas - Oltjen OrthodonticsIt is very common for parents to worry if their child’s baby teeth do not fall out “on time.” Babies crawl, walk and talk all at different stages. The same is true for the loss of baby teeth.

The first baby teeth are usually lost at about six years of age. Anytime between 5 and 7 however, is considered normal. The average child will lose 8 teeth by the age of 8. At 10, typically the rest of the teeth begin to fall out. The average adolescent loses all their baby teeth before 13.

Between 8-10 you will normally see the loss of teeth slow down. During this 2 year break, orthodontic treatment may be indicated. This is why Dr. Oljten would like to evaluate your child at age 7 to determine if your child’s teeth and jaws are developing correctly and to intervene if treatment is indicated.

Monitoring your child’s dental development and making recommendations regarding baby teeth to encourage proper tooth eruption is an important service offered at Oltjen Orthodontics. These appointments are free and can be very helpful in putting parents’ minds at ease regarding this issue. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment if you have a concern in this area.